There’s nothing as annoying as failing to sleep when you know everyone else is.I’ve fallen prey to this monster called ‘insomnia’ so many times, and I call it a monster because when it takes me captive it leaves me all alone, blinking a trillion times in the dark not knowing when my beauty sleep will whisk me away! This is also a time when my senses play tricks on me and I think I’m in the best horror movie ever produced. Somehow, I start imagining that someone is hiding behind the curtains or behind the couch…and I wish I could get hold of Steven King to give him a few ideas for his next horror novel.


To avoid all the crazy thoughts that come to my mind, I’ve decided to make use of the sleepless nights. I look for something to do, like reading a book or watching TV or the best of them all…grab a ‘midnight’ snack as many would call it.These always do the trick one way or another, especially the last one!


The other thing I’ve noticed is that most of the times when I fail to sleep or wake up just after midnight; I would’ve slept early the previous evening or extended my afternoon siesta to the entire afternoon! So, as a remedy I’ve resorted to doing the exact opposite…not extended siestas! Not sleeping early!


I’m sure there are a number of other good remedies for ‘insomnia’ but I will stick to these, for now. It’s good to know your body and what it needs to relax, this way you’ll be in a position to fall back to sleep in no time…so, listen to your body! It could tell you to do something that is out of the ordinary and who knows?, that could be the best way of getting yourself to fall asleep again!




Exam Fever!!!


with exams around the corner I’m not surprised how unprepared i am…funny how I’ve never been prepared for an in-class test or end of semester exam.However,it has dawned on me how important it is for me to be ‘calm and collected’ in such a time.No matter how unprepared i am for an exam ,it is always vital that i remain composed.


Keeping a cool head always seems to do the trick.But the best trick of them all is to prepare in time,have all your things in order and come up with a study timetable that works best for you.Well,unfortunately i cant take my own advice…but i hope one day i will.


Exercise Tip: Running Form

you really had me the’s time for a few changes !!!!!

Running Sole Girl

Whether your new to running or have been running most of your life it’s always a good idea to make sure you have correct form. If you have been complaining of back pain it might be because your form isn’t right. So no matter how long you have been running some of us don’t have the right form because we don’t know what the correct form is.

Running Form Tips

Tip #1 Head – It feels good sometimes to close your eyes and relax your chin towards your chest, but don’t keep your head down (or tilt your head up) for periods of long time. Prevent neck strain and encourage an open throat for easy breathing by keeping your head stacked over your spine. Correcting your head position encourages a straight, upright stance, as well which will make you a better more efficient runner.

Tip #2 Shoulders – Without eve…

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